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About seven years ago, Terri Domsky feared she had to choose between not dyeing her gray hair or dying.

Taking a slug of Benadryl was no longer enough to combat the itchy red scalp that followed a trip to the hair salon.

“One day,” recalled the 54-year-old Queen Village resident, “I left the hairdresser, and my hands and feet swelled. The base of my neck swelled. I had rashes. It scared the crap out of me. I went to a dermatologist who gave me steroids. Basically, he advised me that I had a PPD allergy and I could develop anaphylactic shock and die.”

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Sustainably-run salons are popping up all over the place and the more popular they become, the more that their practices are expected by customers.

We spoke to some of the most successful sustainable salons from around the globe. These businesses understand that there’s no Planet-B, and because of that, they’re working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. Here’s how they do it!

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How do you know your face shape: Oval, Round, Square, Oblong, Heart or Diamond?

Julie Featherman, juju salon & organics says…

“Whether I’m meeting with a client for the first time or working with an existing client who is thinking about making a change, facial shape consideration is as important as deciding on a length, color or style,” she explains. “I always say, ‘Look to the stars!’ Once the client’s face shape is determined, we’ll often look at pictures of celebrities with the same face shape. For example, if you Google, ‘What celebrity has a diamond shaped face,’ up pops Keira Knightley. Heart shaped? Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift. It’s so fun and inspiring! From there, we can begin to sift through different celebrity looks and make decisions.”

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mistakes when coloring hair yourself

Julie Featherman, owner of juju salon, was asked by SheKnows to share some some hair dying tips, and what the typical mistakes might be when you dye your hair yourself. Read the full article HERE!

sunscreen dos and donts

Juliene Featherman shares organic beauty and wellness tips in May 2015 issue of QVNA magazine. Explore the do’s and don’ts of sunscreen here on the QVNA website – find Julie’s article on page 13.

Julie Featherman of juju salon was interviewed by Carla Snuggs for an article on safe ways to use sunscreen.

“Before you slather and go, consider this: many members of the medical community believe that ingredients found in conventional sunscreens are causing hormonal disruption, thyroid alteration, endometiosis in women and may in fact contribute to cancerous tumor growth,” says Julie Featherman, Owner of, Hair Stylist, Esthetician, and Green Beauty Expert whose mission is to educate her guests, clients and audience about green beauty and a healthier lifestyle.

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juju salon in womens health mag

Julie Featherman, owner of juju salon, was interviewed by Shannon Farrell for her article on air-drying your hair, published in Women’s Health Mag. See the full article here, and learn the techniques specific to your hair type for best air-drying results. Especially with warmer weather on the horizon — now’s the time to put away the hot tools and master your air-drying game!

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juju salon in QVNA magazine

An article by juju salon owner, Juliene Featherman, in QVNA Magazine on dry shampoo and its benefits. You can read the magazine on QVNA website here.