About Julie

Red Letter Day Founder; green beauty expert

Juliene Featherman

Owner and Senior Hair Stylist… behind the chair since 1999

Since founding her company in 2005, Julie has become Philadelphia’s “Green Beauty Guide” to those who want to be more environmentally friendly without sacrificing style and glamour.  She has been recognized locally and nationally as an expert in sustainable and healthier beauty alternatives for all of us who want to look and feel their best.

In 2021, Julie launched her own line of clean, sustainable hair, body & lifestyle products, Red Letter Day. “Making my own products was born of necessity after noticing distinct and significant gaps in offerings from other product lines. Our clients had specific needs that just couldn’t be met with what was on the market, green or otherwise. So, I decided to close those gaps with solutions through my own creations.”

juju salon & organics, is an intersection of wellness, beauty, design, sustainability and community.  Julie’s mission is to help people live healthier, minimize their carbon footprint and think sustainably. In addition, her Hispanic roots inspire a nature-based mission with deep ties to South American spiritual and herbal focused wellness.

Get to know Julie

The catalyst for Julie’s commitment to health and an organic lifestyle was the birth of her first daughter, Lucie. It was then she chose to fully put into practice all she had learned in her studies of Eastern Religion at Temple University as well as her commitment to living a cruelty-free lifestyle. juju, a word found in many cultures, from meaning a “magic or a holistic charm” used for healing in West African culture, to a house fairy that causes minor mischief in Hindi, to a toy or plaything in French, to a form of Nigerian pop music, is also Julie’s childhood nickname.  “As an adopted person whose Columbian heritage was not revealed to me until I was 50 years old, the word ‘juju’ with its many meanings around the world resonated deeply with me.  In not knowing my biological roots, I found comfort in a word that is meaningful for many cultures.”

The salon is an outward expression of the inner ideology Julie has come to embrace throughout the years. She wanted to create a salon where the customer felt comfortable, cared for, as well as healthy and un-intimidated.  Her love of spatial design, curation and decor became her third business, Design Nest Studio, an interior design firm that she founded with her cousin and best friend, Deanna Ebner in 2021.

Julie, who is a graduate of Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, a certified cosmetology instructor, a former paralegal and a mother of two beautiful daughters, Frances and Lucie, feels she is doing her service to the community.

“I want to help others by doing business with cruelty-free, charitable manufacturers who are responsible to our communities and to our planet.” And, indeed she is.

“hair is the roof of the soul…”