Gender Neutral Pricing

juju salon & organics has changed the way we book our haircuts. After careful consideration, we have made a commitment to gender-affirming, safer-space for LGBTQ clients. No longer will services reflect your gender.  Moving forward, services will reflect the length of your hair and the technical difficulty of the cut.

We believe that the traditional gender binary of the beauty industry is outdated.  That’s why we are very proud to join in with those salons that have already made these advances and feel this is more in line with who we are.  We hope you too will appreciate this move to cultivating a more tolerant salon environment.

Our guidelines and inspiration for this move comes from the amazing work being done at The Dresscode Project a not-for-profit organization supporting the LGBTQ community.

We hope you feel comfortable in our chair.  Thank you so much for your continued loyalty and support.