Why Organic?

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of your body? In traditional Chinese medicine, the skin is considered our “third lung.” One of its noblest functions is efficient absorption and elimination; that is why we can now “take” medicine via a skin patch. With this in mind, we believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put into your body.

When the term organic is used in reference to a product it means that all or most of its ingredients were grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones and other harmful additives. Prior to World War II all farming was organic. The use of these additives has been linked to a dramatic increase in cancer rates since that time. The use of chemicals in the growth processes of plants not only harms us as individuals and the plants themselves, it also damages the environment we live in as well as future generations to come.

Hair and body products made from organic ingredients, natural plant and herbal essences provide quality and therapeutic benefits to the skin and hair. We believe that conventional salon products, which contain synthetic chemicals, are irritating and harmful to the body. Everything that our bodies come into contact with has an effect on our health as well as on our beauty. At juju, we believe that good health is beauty.

Fortunately there are many ways to grow plants and herbs free of pesticides while also preserving their vitamins, minerals, and life essences. Organic farmers use crop rotation, “green” manure, organic pest control (such as ladybugs), as well as other methods. By keeping it pure, the plants are not depleted of their natural vitamins and minerals, the soil is able to be reused, and the water supply which is consistently polluted with pesticides, is kept clean. These are just a few of the reasons we choose organic.

“I honestly cannot say enough good things about this place! I would highly recommend this salon for all your beauty needs!!”

– Noel,

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