Our Team

Juliene Featherman

Owner and Senior Hair Stylist… behind the chair since 1999

Since founding her company in 2005, Julie has become Philadelphia’s “Green Beauty Guide” to those who want to be more environmentally friendly without sacrificing style and glamour.  She has been recognized locally and nationally as an expert in sustainable and healthier beauty alternatives for all of us who want to look and feel their best.

Julie’s company, juju salon & organics, is an intersection of wellness, beauty, design, sustainability and community.  Julie’s mission is to help people live healthier, minimize their carbon footprint and think sustainably. In addition, her Hispanic roots inspire a nature-based mission with deep ties to South American spiritual and herbal focused wellness.

The catalyst for Julie’s commitment to health and an organic lifestyle was the birth of her first daughter, Lucie. It was then she chose to fully put into practice all she had learned in her studies of Eastern Religion at Temple University as well as her commitment to living a cruelty-free lifestyle. juju, a word found in many cultures, from meaning a “magic or a holistic charm” used for healing in West African culture, to a house fairy that causes minor mischief in Hindi, to a toy or plaything in French, to a form of Nigerian pop music is also Julie’s childhood nickname.  “As an adopted person whose Columbian heritage was not revealed to me until I was 50 years old, the word ‘juju’ with its many meanings around the world resonated deeply with me.  In not knowing my biological roots, I found comfort in a word that is meaningful to many cultures.”

The salon is an outward expression of the inner ideology Julie has come to embrace throughout the years. She wanted to create a salon where the customer felt comfortable, cared for, as well as healthy and un-intimidated. Upon entering the space, the walls decorated in work by local artists, the furniture a beautiful mix of eclectic wood pieces, one cannot help but feel removed from their own nagging thoughts as they are offered a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

With Julie there is no demarcation between client and friend. Once you walk in the door you are a part of a family, one that is constantly changing, but whose center remains the same.

Julie, who is a graduate of Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, a certified cosmetology instructor, a former paralegal and a mother of two beautiful daughters, Frances and Lucie, feels she is doing her service to the community.

“I want to help others by doing business with cruelty-free, charitable manufacturers who are responsible to our communities and to our planet.” And, indeed she is.

“hair is the roof of the soul…”

Adrian Novak

Salon Manager, Makeup Artist & Nail Technician

When Adrian joined juju in 2012 as a Stylist’s Assistant, she had no idea she’d eventually become the Salon’s manager, receptionist and makeup artist. Adrian’s previous job titles include Social Worker, Funeral Director’s Assistant and freelance model to name a few. This varied background allows her to call on several skill sets to help keep jujurunning smoothly.

Outside of juju, Adrian enjoys spending time with her husband and their small menagerie of pets, including their French Bulldog, The Finch. She has been a strict vegetarian for over 20 years and is an avid supporter of several animal rescue and adoption agencies. Reading, nail art and disc golf are among her favorite hobbies. Adrian drinks a lot of coffee, eats a lot of candy and sometimes snorts when she laughs. Feel free to strike up a conversation next time you see her at the front desk!

Amber Schlesman

Senior Hair Stylist…behind the chair since 2006

Amber Schlesman joined the juju team in 2009. Since then, she has become an accomplished stylist with a long list of loyal and happy clients. Amber is always ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest in hair fashion and techniques. She holds regular training seminars for juju‘s jr. stylists and assistants.

Amber specializes in balayage, color, color correction and hair extensions. She is also known for her beautiful and creative event and bridal styling. She has attended various hair and color classes in NYC and the Philadelphia area. We love Amber’s team spirit and her enthusiasm. When she’s not rescuing furry ones and providing them with their “forever home”,  Amber is bound to be exploring the city’s newest offerings. She is always up to a cozy evening with good friends and family.

Bridget Dirvin

Senior Hair Stylist…behind the chair since 2006 @_msholistic_

Bridget is a seasoned hair stylist with well over a decade of experience. “Fashion and working creatively have always interested me. I started out by styling my Barbie doll’s hair, doing my own hair and working on friends in high school!” She studied at Moore College of Art for fashion design through a scholarship program in high school furthering her design repertoire.

Bridget is a graduate of the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute and more recently in 2013, became a certified holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. She is certified in Hot Heads hair extensions and frequently attends on-trend styling, cutting and coloring classes.

“I love to spend time with my son and my Australian Shepard dog Ruby. I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle and in my downtime I enjoy reading about natural beauty, painting and creating my own beauty products and perfumes from flower essences and oils. I am proud to say that I have even made my own clothes in the past. I love to be hands on and creative.”

Veronica Tarlo

Hair Stylist…behind the chair since 2014 @ronnie_tea

Ronnie’s first interest in the beauty industry sparked when she happened upon a receptionist/assistant position at a small salon in Rockledge, PA. Her interest continued to develop and in 2014 she graduated from The Toni & Guy School of Hairdressing in Ambler. Shortly after, Ronnie moved to Philadelphia and started assisting at juju.

Ronnie is a fierce stylist: she’s smart, creative and resourceful, all good traits to help her hone and develop her stylist skills. And, she may in fact, be the nicest team member we’ve ever had.  Ronnie specializes in balayage, textured and layered styles, updo’s and special occasion hair styles.

Courtney Robertson

Hair Stylist…behind the chair since 1998

Courtney draws inspiration from her love of nature and the outdoors.  With over 10 years experience, Courtney specializes in both Curly/Textured hair and Natural Balayage/Hair Painting.  Continuing her education in the hair industry and being an instructor for juju’s continuing education program, are what makes Courtney an important member of our tem.  Whether it’s something soft and subtle or a bold style, Courtney is an expert at customizing your style.

Mark Ricciardelli

Senior Hair Stylist & Director of Education…behind the chair since 1989

With a strong foundation based on Sassoon Academy education, Mark has worked at some of the leading salons in Boston, Washington DC, and NYC as well as having been a National Color Educator for a major beauty company. Mark uses his skills and holistic hair care approach to deliver beautiful, manageable, and healthy hair created specifically to meet his clients’ needs and lifestyle. He believes that though hair trends are important, it is more important to create a client’s personal hair story.

Mark specializes in a technique called BIO-LIGHTS which utilizes organic cotton in place of foil. This allows the air to flow through and prevent unnecessary heat damage to the hair while also delivering a softer grow-in transition. Bonus: it keeps our carbon footprint down as well!

Mark’s mission is simple, “I want you to feel your most beautiful.”

Anjuli Hoffman

Hair Stylist & Assistant Manager…behind the chair since 2018 @anjulilara_beauty_

From a young age, Anjuli has been fascinated by the beauty world. After graduating from Penn State University with a Bachelors in Hospitality Management, she eventually decided to pursue her true passion for cosmetology by attending Rizzieri Aveda School. While attending school, Anjuli gained insightful knowledge on organic beauty. She is so excited to be part of the Juju team where she can continue her journey in the world of holistic beauty and help her clients look and feel great all while maintaining the health of their hair!

Neicey Zlomak

Niecey Zlomek

Jr. Stylist…behind the chair since 2019

Niecey’s love of hair & dedication to the industry is so vast that it brought her all the way to Philly! A native of Baltimore, MD; Niecey has worked in the industry as a receptionist, trainer, assistant manager, salon assistant and now has finally achieved her life long goal of becoming a stylist.

Behind the chair since 2019, Niecey loves to create bold looks using expressive colors, fun cutting techniques & her clients’ wildest dreams. She dares you to be bold and step outside of your comfort zone!