I mean, take it easy when it comes to shampooing your hair.  Real life snippet:  I noticed how silky, soft and strong my client’s hair had become. We had been working together for over a year.  What was once bleached out, dry and weak had transformed into beautiful tresses. Of course we new the non-ammonia, organic color we’d been using on her hair had helped in this amazing transformation. But it was the client who credited her only shampooing once a week to the change. I knew it worked!  She had taken my advice, early on, and nixed the daily shampooing routine.

Most shampoos, hand soaps, dish washing liquids, toothpastes, etc. contain a soluble detergent and surfactant known as Sodium Lauryl(laureth) Sulfate, or sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES), It is an inexpensive, synthetic ingredient and a known irritant.  This synthetic detergent can also be found in floor cleaners and other household cleaning products – it is very strong and effective in cleaning and de-greasing.

Our hair, especially colored hair, cannot withstand the effects of such a “tough” cleansing agent. This chemical literally strips hair of its color.  Conventional shampoos mask the harsh effects of this ingredient by putting additional (synthetic) chemicals in the products to act as conditioners and fragrances.

Remember this: Hair, in general, and our scalps, need only small amounts of shampoos and detergents.  It is well known in the industry that hair can actually be cleansed by only using a conditioner (creme rinse) and forgoing the shampoo altogether.  I advise all of my clients to cut back on shampooing and/or water down their shampoos, to lessen the harsh effects of these cleansing agents.

See what changes you can make with this simple omission!