OK, so maybe not Grey Gardens. But if any passers-by had stumbled upon our small, city garden, surely “over-grown garden” would more than likely come to mind; overgrown with weeds and last fall’s foliage, that is. One of the best decisions of 2010 was to enlist the help of Philadelphia’s green guru, Grace Wicks, of Graceful Gardens. Grace, with the aid of her experienced assistant Bernie, skillfully tamed our ornery weed population while bending the out-of-control shrubs and vines to her whimsical way. Make no mistake, Grace is very serious about what she does, and she does it all with a smile on her face that reveals a true passion for what she does best. A snip here, a cut here, some more color over there, and four hours later the garden was brimming with delightful beds of flowers and grasses that rejuvenated our once grey block of land into a green sanctuary. The addition of edible flowers and vegetables was just what we needed and our little Japanese maple has never seemed so happy being the center of attention amidst a charming, little rock garden. If only “Big Edie” & “Little Edie” Beale had known someone like Grace Wicks in 1975, history would have been rewritten; instead, these eccentric socialites would have squandered their fortune surrounded by beautiful landscapes and greenery…hehe.

Alas, my very own Graceful Gardens is where I want to be. I reach for my cup of coffee, step through the french doors, and I’m there…once again.