Big day at juju salon & organics in Philadelphia today!  Today, juju sponsored Greyhound Angel Adoption‘s Meet and Greet. Some four-legged furry friends, in need of “forever” homes, came in for a green beauty day.  Alicia and Hannah were able to convince a few salon goers and passer-bys, that greyhounds make Greyt City Pets!  And juju was the perfect salon setting to stage this meet and greet, after all, juju salon is completely cruelty free – all of the wonderful organic products contain NO animal by products and are NEVER tested on animals.  Most of juju’s organic products are vegan, and we sell straight-out organic doggy shampoo (John Master’s Organics, Dogpoo) and other pet-friendly balms and oils!

Why Greyhounds?  We’ve rescued two amazing and beautiful greyhounds, Neshi and Mimi, and we want to share our fabulous furry fortune with everyone.  We are city folks, with city kids and now city dogs.  Most people who don’t know greyhounds think they need a big yard and lots of running around.  Not necessarily.  Greyhounds are known as the 45 MPH Couch Potato, because of their penchant to sleep a good 16-18 hours a day!  A few walks daily will keep them very happy…as will a big, cushioned dog bed and someone to give them the love and attention they need.

Look for more greyhound action at juju organics soon! Our on-line store launch party on January 20, 2010 will benefit Angel Greyhound Adoption.  In addition, we hope to sponsor many many more meet and greets (and sniffs and petting!) at juju!  How ’bout a spa day for some greyhound girls!