mason jar candles



Once upon a time, there were two gals who loved to go thrifting and to make something new from something old. They also liked to make natural healthy candles to burn and enjoy in their homes with their families. This was the birth of Melo Studios, located here in Philadelphia.



Olivia Lotz and Jess Lee are the sustainability mavens behind Melo Studios who enjoy the challenge of applying their eco-friendly philosophy to their products. They buy domestic soy wax from a local distributor – soy wax is a renewable resource and burns clean without those gross chemicals found in paraffin wax.



In keeping with Melo’s all-natural spirit, they use essential oils and cotton wicks, and hand-pour all of their candles into reclaimed vintage containers and reusable Mason jars.



We hope you’ll try one of Melo candles as we just started carrying them and are in love with the scents, style and story. Shop Melo candles now!