I cannot forget that I am 43…43…43…over 40, by a landslide!  Today’s NY Times health blog featured results of a new study, proving that flexible middle-aged bodies may be less prone to cardiac disease than stiff computer potatoes…”In short, the study concluded that ‘a less flexible body indicates arterial stiffening, especially in middle-aged and older adults.’ ”  more Aha! my New Year’s Resolution Solidified – albeit, in a flexible way!  More yoga, more yoga more yoga more yoga more yoga….I internally chant.  Here’s where I love to practice in Philly:Wake Up Yoga,  friendly, knowledgeable, grateful yogis abound here!  Shankya Yoga in Northern Liberties – a loving and  peaceful oasis,  and my new favorite for authentic Jivamukti (and Ashtanga when I’m daring!) Shanti Yoga Shala, newly opened in Old City by the beautifully souled Shiya.  For 2010, I’m making my home away from home these three beautiful studios.