Ok, liabilities up front: I am not a chemist. Chemistry class remains a vague, distant and confused high school memory and something I avoided at all costs in college. However, I do know, as we all do, that plastics, polymers, copolymers, epoxy, polystyrene, to name a few… and most important to your hair style – polyvinylpyrrolidone or PVPs are usually synthetically formulated with non-renewable and hazardous petroleum-derived chemicals. Inhaled particles can cause serious problems in our lungs. Plastics, in all their glorious forms – goopy, sticky, stretchy, durable, and bouncy, are found in every conceivable product and/or its packaging – it’s hard to escape them. We all know that recycling these plastics and cutting back on their use is imperative.

Oh, a day without plastic….what would that look like?

Let’s start that day with you – getting yourself ready. PVPs are used in hairsprays, styling gels, nail polishes, mascaras – all the “must-haves” for many of us. And, what about those plastics in your hairspray….how are they going to be recycled? In what recycling bin does one dispose of PVP particles? No need to fret. Read your labels, of course! Rule of thumb: if your scalp or skin feels itchy and flaky, chances are there’s probably some suspicious ingredients in your body products.Some good suggestions and great products follow: Zoya Nail Polishes! Toulene, phthalate, formaldehyde and acetone free….great long-lasting colors…love them! Miessence’s styling gel conditions and nourishes the hair while providing terrific hold without flakes or build-up.

And my personal can’t-live-without, Morrocco Method’s Blood of the Dragon Gel – full of restorative and rare conditioning herbs – provides hold and encourages healthy hair growth -it’s full of hair restorative goodies from the sea including kelp, nori, kombu and fucus! See previous post on hair loss! Remember the inter-connectiveness of everything – let your grooming rituals be plastic-free!