Dark Haired Beauties, Listen Up!

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Dark Haired Beauties, Listen Up!

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It seems like Blondes get all of the attention. Not true. Often, Brunettes have more fun! Especially when their hair is shiny, healthy and just plain gorgeous. The trick to off-the-charts enviable brunette color is actually the health of the hair. Darker hair needs good lighting and a lot of shine to make it ‘pop.’ Therefore, you’ll need to get rid of anything in your regime that may be making your hair dull and lackluster.


Here’s our checklist for all brown-haired bombshells. Watch what taxes your system. Stress is the number one outside factor that negatively influences hair growth, volume and health. Stress has been proven to contribute to hair loss. Meditate, exercise and self-care to keep stress at bay.


Diet absolutely is reflected in our hair, skin and nails. Get plenty of good, essential fatty acids – fish, flax and evening primrose oil supplements are helpful. Fresh vegetables, lean proteins and whole foods will supply the essential B, C, A and H vitamins our hair need to thrive. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Dehydration can lead to slower hair growth and adverse scalp conditions like dandruff.


Add some coconut water to your day. Coconut water contains vitamin K and lauric acid, key ingredients for strong, healthy hair.

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