Juju Salon is proud to be featured in a recent article on called “A Look Inside Philadelphia’s Organic Nail Salons. These local businesses are offering a more natural alternative to the traditional manicure.”

Phuong Ngo, author of the article, wrote the excerpt below about Juju Salon:

Meanwhile, Juju Salon & Organics—nestled in the heart of Queen Village—holds the title of Philadelphia’s first organic salon. The business has operated on the values of being non–toxic and environmentally friendly ever since its owner, Julie Featherman, first opened its doors back in 2005. 

Adrian Novak, nail technician and manager of Juju Salon & Organics, says the business is dedicated not only to providing high–quality services but also to upholding the integrity of all of the products they use.

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Juju Salon is proud to be featured in a recent article that appeared in Modern Luxury Philadelphia Style magazine entitled “6 Soothing Salons with All-Organic Products.” 

Madison Duddy, author of the article, wrote the excerpt below about Juju Salon.

This haven offers a refuge from the toxic chemicals and nonsustainable ingredients often found in beauty products—without sacrificing style. Stop by for a haircut and coloring session, waxing appointment, manicure or makeup consultation. Its all-natural beauty services will leave you feeling and looking your best without a hint of harmful ingredients. 

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Non-toxic Balayage is a low-maintenance and versatile color option that can give your hair a bit of texture and help you create fabulous voluminous styles!  This is a must for anyone’s organic hair care regime.

The soft regrowth free from demarcation is what makes balayage an excellent low-maintenance choice if you want to grow or maintain the length of your hair. With more traditional highlights, hair growth is too obvious.

Plus, because we use the best organic hair color and non-toxic lighteners to lift the color from your locks you don’t have to worry about your hair being exposed to ammonia or harsh chemicals. Instead, you can look forward to the moisturizing and softening benefits of lavender and argan oils.

Ready for gorgeous hair? Book your appointment at our organic hair salon now through the link in our bio.


Julie Featherman
Owner, Juju Salon & Organics

Dry scalp is a very common affliction, and I put most of the blame on the harsh ingredients found in conventional hair care products and our obsession with over-shampooing our hair.

Dry hair and scalp is often the result of over-shampooing with products that contain SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphates – sudsing agents), PEGs (petroleum-based polyethylene glycols used as moisture carriers and stabilizers) and parabens (preservatives linked to breast cancer). These synthetic, cheap and toxic ingredients contribute to both dry and inflammatory skin conditions.

There are many natural remedies and preventative practices to make your hair and scalp more moisture and pH balanced:

Less Shampooing or the No-Poo Trend

In general, our hair and our scalps need only small amounts of shampoos and detergents. It is well known in the industry that hair can actually be cleaned by only using a conditioner (creme rinse) and forgoing the shampoo altogether.

I recommend John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Conditioner.

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Dry scalp is a very common affliction, and I put most of the blame on the harsh ingredients found in conventional hair care products AND our obsession with over-shampooing our hair.

“cheap, synthetic & toxic ingredients in our products are the main culprit.”

Dry hair and scalp is often the result of over-shampooing with products that contain SLSs (Sodium Laurel Sulphates – sudsing agents), PEGs (petroleum-based polyethylene glycols used as moisture carriers and stabilizers) and parabens (preservatives linked to breast cancer).  These synthetic, cheap and toxic ingredients contribute to both dry and  inflammatory skin conditions. There are many natural remedies and preventative practices to make your hair and scalp more moisture and pH balanced:

here’s how…

1. Less Shampooing or the No-poo trend: In general, our hair and our scalps need only small amounts of shampoos and detergents.  It is well known in the industry that hair can actually be cleansed by only using a conditioner (creme rinse) and forgoing the shampoo altogether. I recommend John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Conditioner 

2. Scalp massage/manipulation: Get into the habit of a weekly massage with a certified organic oil. Look for oils high in linoleic acid, an omega 6 fatty acid. Try these 3 oils which boast the highest linoleic acid content: Grapeseed, Safflower and Evening Primrose. A weekly scalp massage with these oils with revitalize and heal your scalp, with the added bonus of promoting an ideal environment for healthy hair growth. These oils will leave your scalp moisturized and your locks super shiny. I recommend Innersense Organic Beauty’s Harmonic Healing Oil for deep hydration and nourishment.

3. Using natural and organic hair products  Get to the root of the problem by banishing conventional and toxic beauty products from your regime.  Not sure what’s safe and organic?  Check out The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep – Cosmetics Database. There, you’ll find third party, lab tested analysis and rating of your favorite hair, skin, and cosmetic products.  You’ll know right away what to buy and what to avoid.  


Pro Tip: Make sure you're getting balayaged safely, with ammonia-free and fume-free bleach/color.

3 Reasons to Balayage 1️⃣ Longer lasting color with no harsh roots. Just softer, less noticeable regrowth. 2️⃣ It can make your hair look fuller and your color more dimensional. 3️⃣ It looks beautiful no matter what your hair color is. Redheads, blondes and brunettes can all rock this sun-kissed look! 

Did you know that the word “balayage” comes from the French word “balayer”, which means to sweep? Mais oui, the highlights are hand painted, or swept, onto the hair. This technique can create gorgeous, subtle, natural looking dimensional color. There’s also no harsh root line to grow out, so it can be more forgiving for those who can’t get to the salon every 4-6 weeks.


It seems like Blondes get all of the attention. Not true. Often, Brunettes have more fun! Especially when their hair is shiny, healthy and just plain gorgeous. The trick to off-the-charts enviable brunette color is actually the health of the hair. Darker hair needs good lighting and a lot of shine to make it ‘pop.’ Therefore, you’ll need to get rid of anything in your regime that may be making your hair dull and lackluster.


Here’s our checklist for all brown-haired bombshells. Watch what taxes your system. Stress is the number one outside factor that negatively influences hair growth, volume and health. Stress has been proven to contribute to hair loss. Meditate, exercise and self-care to keep stress at bay.


Diet absolutely is reflected in our hair, skin and nails. Get plenty of good, essential fatty acids – fish, flax and evening primrose oil supplements are helpful. Fresh vegetables, lean proteins and whole foods will supply the essential B, C, A and H vitamins our hair need to thrive. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Dehydration can lead to slower hair growth and adverse scalp conditions like dandruff.


Add some coconut water to your day. Coconut water contains vitamin K and lauric acid, key ingredients for strong, healthy hair.


Our favorite use for coconut oil? Nope, it’s not slathering it on your hair. It’s pulling. If you’ve never heard of oil pulling, listen up. Rinsing your mouth with oil is a tried and true practice for reducing plaque, bacteria and gingivitis. It’s called ‘pulling’ because of the idea that the oil pulls the bacteria from the gums. Many believe that it can also give your smile a boost by brightening and whitening your teeth.Always use unrefined organic coconut oil which is high in natural antioxidants, or phenolic compounds.

Here’s how: Start by swishing a tablespoon or two around in your mouth for a good 2 minutes twice a day before you brush your teeth. Gradually build up to 8-10 minutes each session.

Coconut oil is nature's richest source of healthy Medium Chain Fatty Acids

Warning: don’t spit out the oil in your sink, you could clog your drains! Spit it into a jar or a trash can and always follow up with a thorough warm water rinse before you finish by brushing your teeth. Try adding a drop of a pure essential oil like cinnamon, peppermint or clove for a fresher taste and added anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Getting fit and looking fabulous has never been so fun…or affordable! freehouse fitness and juju salon & organics are joining forces to give you a bounce & blowout package deal that is super sweet!

1 rebound class + 1 blowout: $35 [reg $55]

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A boutique fitness studio in graduate hospital Philly, freehouse fitness studio offers a variety of classes ranging from rebounding [trampolines] to reformers. With highly educated instructors and creative class formats, you’ll sweat, sculpt and strengthen while having fun!

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Everyone seems to be in the know about Fire Cider. If you’re not, it’s time you are! My husband Mark made his first of many batches last Fall and has experimented with a bunch of different ingredient combo’s. I’m sharing his best recipe for this amazing elixir. Drink 1 to 2 tablespoons daily to protect you this flu season or when you feel a cold coming on. I suggest using USDA Organic Bragg’s ACV.

Combine in a Quart sized jar:

  • juice of 2 lemons plus zest
  • 1/2 cup chopped ginger root
  • 4 garlic cloves chopped
  • seeds from 1 pomegranate
  • 2 tbls horseradish
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 2 jalapeno peppers
  • 1/2 cup diced turmuric

Pour in ACV to cover combined ingredients completely. Seal tightly and let cure in a dark cabinet for 2-3 weeks. If using a metal jar lid, line the lid with wax paper to prevent corrosion. When ready, strain liquid with cheesecloth into a bottle or jar, add honey to taste and refrigerate.

Juju Salon provides healthy hair tonic made from Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used as a potent cure-all for centuries. For your hair too! Fight brassiness, frizz, dry, lack-luster locks with this easy recipe.

Combine 1 part ACV with 2 parts warm water in an old shampoo bottle. Wet hair and shampoo once. Towel dry and apply ACV hair tonic throughout. Let sit for a few minutes working in though strands. Rinse thoroughly and condition. Use weekly for best results!

Want more health, wellness & beauty? Check out juju’s hair services for more ways to keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best.


What’s the right time in our lives to change our hair style?  What styles age us vs. what looks say, ” No way! You’re not possibly that age!”

Having just turned 50 and having long-time clients who are aging with me, has made this issue a hot topic of concern.  Remember, we want Father Time to be very, very kind!

Here are 3 tips that I share with my clients:

1. Your hair cut should reflect your lifestyle.  Are you a retired, empty nester who is expanding her yogic training, pruning the Community Garden or volunteering at the local shelter?  A former polished Corporate ‘do’ will no longer work for new found endeavors on the mat, pulling weeds or walking the pups. Switch out the polished put-together style with something more textured and less structured. Most times, long locks, though easy to throw in a pony tail, signify youth and everything that goes with it!

2. Calm down your color.  If you were a ‘dye’ hard highlighter, try softening your look with an all over softer blonde adding just a few highlights. Dark raven locks are too harsh and it makes it very hard to go too long between root touch-ups.  The skunk stripe down your part is not an ageless look.  Start transitioning to a medium or lighter brown and switching to a demi-permanant dye which will add dimension. Bold reds will now look fake and take on a garish tone.  Redheads should consider adding a touch of golden brown to achieve a much more realistic look.

3. Show off your gray. There are a few lucky ladies with the perfect, enviable silver.  Talk to your stylist about how you can show off your gray with panache.  Silver glosses, adding ‘pepper’ lowlights, wearing a cut that accentuates the grey will move you into the Silver Fox category.



A quick check at our reflections in the mirror in wintry February, may cause some of us to take pause: chapped lips, dry dull hair, sallow complexion.  Basically, an overall look of mid-winter blah!  Here are some ideas from juju‘s Makeup artist Adrian Novak, that can take your face from frosty to fresh in just minutes.

Stay Hydrated!   –  Winter is beautiful but it can dry out your skin. Make sure you’re drinking enough water and regularly using moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated and soft.

Get the Red Out!  –  Counteract the pink patchiness that winter sometimes brings with a green tinted primer. The primer preps your skin for smooth foundation coverage and green cancels out red to even your tone.

The More the Merrier!  –  Stick to hydrating liquid or cream foundations. Same goes for blushes and bronzers. They offer an extra boost of moisture to keep your skin happy throughout the day.

Sugar Kisses!  –  Rub a small amount of coconut oil over your lips. Take a pinch of brown sugar and gently massage into your lips with circular motions. An easy (and delicious!) way to exfoliate and soften that sweet pout.

Shine On!  –  Top off a soft neutral eyeshadow with a small pop of shimmery gold, silver or copper in the inner corners of your eyes. Pair this look with some clear lip gloss for instant face brightening!

Get Glowing!  –  Gently dab a liquid or cream highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones, just under your eyes. Blend out the edges to add dimension and glow to your look.

Big Girls Don’t Cry!  –  Except when the cold winter wind blows in my face – then I cry like a baby! Be sure to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid teary-eyed messes.

Ready! SET! Go!  –  Add staying power and avoid smudges on your scarves by setting your makeup with light layer of translucent powder.

Smile!  –  You are beautiful!


Put Your Best Face Forward For The Holidays!

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We Couldn’t Have Made It Without YOU!
Thanks for 11 Years of Organic Beauty in Philadelphia.

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Only 3?  It was hard narrowing down my list of Why You Should Be Using Organic & Natural Hair Care Products Exclusively.  I talk to all of my clients about the benefits of making the organic switch.  In a nutshell: it’s safer, it’s healthier and it’s sexier!

1. Organic Hair Styling Products can correct, fight and fix dry, frizzy hair.  Look for products that contain SHEA BUTTER, ALOE and JOJOBA. Did you know that many smoothing and anti-frizz products actually contain ingredients that over time will cause dryness and frizz?  It’s true. Watch out for -TOLUENOL; BENZENEMETHANOL; PETROLEUM; BENZYLIC ALCOHOL; PHENYLCARBINOL; PHENYLMETHANOL; PHENYLMETHYL ALCOHOL; ALPHA-HYDROXYTOLUENE; ALPHA-TOLUENOL, BENZAL ALCOHOL and BENZENECARBINOL

John masters at juju salon2. Cost Effective.  Natural, Organic Hair Care Product costs are comparable to conventional salon exclusive products. The Organic Win?  Quality natural hair care shampoos, conditioners and styling products are packed with plant based ingredients and are light on water.  Therefore, less product is needed!  Conventional salon products are loaded with cheap, synthetic additives that literally fill the bottle and offer no utilitarian value. Some of the synthetic fillers to steer clear of: petroleum derived PROPYLENE GLYCOL and PARAFFIN.

juju salon beauty products3. The Scents are Safe & Sound.  Certified Organic products cannot legally contain dangerous synthetic fragrances.  Steer clear of any product that lists ‘Fragrance’ as one of the ingredients.  The chemical cocktail of synthetic fragrances is usually made from petroleum and hormone disrupting Phthalates.  Look instead for scents that are naturally derived or plant-based.

hamadi juju salon products


Struggling with Curls? How can you have the best curly hair possible? Here are the Top 2 Best Selling juju Products that you MUST try for Beautiful Curly Hair everyday.

Innersense’s Quiet Calm Curl Control Quite possibly the best hair product you’ve ever smelled! Best for Fine to Slightly Coarse hair and all curl patterns. Organic shea butter and orange oil combine to moisturize, define and intensify curls and waves. Organic wheatgrass and natural proteins smooth the cuticle, improve elasticity and enhance curl strength.

Neuma’s Organic Style Texturizer Yarrow, Green Tea and Ylang Ylang infuse this texturizer with a sophisticated scent.  We recommend this paste for Medium to Coarse textured hair. Apply wet through your curls, then shape, mold and go.  A spritz of water on dry hair will reactivate its de-frizz powers! Bonus: Adds separation with a natural shine.

Be beautiful, naturally….xo juju




It’s the New Year and many of us are feeling the pain of our evil Holiday ways.  And when I say Holiday, I mean the time between raiding your child’s Halloween booty to nursing a New Year’s hang-over with greasy fries and the hair-of-the-dog. That’s easily 8-9 weeks of turning a blind eye to the fact that over-eating and drinking lead to weight gain, bloating and feeling like that dead Christmas tree you just dragged to the curb.


When you’re the one that takes care of everyone else in your life and never gets around to taking care of yourself, try Motion by Melissa.

Melissa Weinberg’s mantra is “a body in motion stays in motion.” This certified personal trainer and former Junior Olympian rhythmic gymnast’s Find Your Motion Package is designed to help you discover the type of fitness and wellness lifestyle that will keep you on the path of motion for the long-term. It consists of one 60-minute wellness coaching session to set your optimal wellness in motion and ten 60-minute personal training sessions, incorporating a fusion of methods (strength training, cardio, Pilates, barre, yoga, etc.) customized to your unique needs, body, preferences, and motion. Mention this article and receive 10% off the package.


When your only stress-busters are eating, shopping, drinking and binging on early episodes of The Gilmore Girls, try Meditation Classes with George Hofmann.

Queen Village meditation teacher George Hoffman, believes that “Meditation is about awareness and focus as much as it is about quiet.” George, a student of Jon Kabot-Zinn,
will be teaching a stress-busting, four-week Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation starting February 2nd at Mama’s Wellness Joint, 11th and Pine Streets. ‘Practice’ makes perfect? No! Practice makes a Practice and one of George’s goals is for you to find a method of meditation that you can take home and practice regularly. ($75 for the 4 class series)


When your New Year’s Resolutions include both getting in shape and volunteering, try Students Run Philly Style

Lace up your running shoes and be prepared for some hard training and a rewarding experience.  Students Run Philly Style is a local non-profit whose mission is to invest in our youth’s long term well-being by building resilience through distance running. Volunteers provide adult mentorship and help motivate and train students for major area races, like the Broad Street Run.  What if you were able to train for and complete the Philadelphia Marathon and at the same time, provide much needed support, leadership and attention to our city’s youth? Sign up and find out how!


When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, go see Dr. Orimenko at Live Well Holistic Health Center.

Refreshed and renewed vs. aches and pains you’ve learned to live with? Pick the first by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Martin Orimenko’s at his Wellness Center in Ardmore.  Dr. Martin, a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Holistic Chiropractor customizes a dietary and natural supplement based cleanse program to improve your digestion, increase your energy and boost your metabolism.  For the long-term healing process, Dr. Martin combines a number of therapeutic modalities (including gentle chiropractic, kiniesiology, ayurveda, and acupressure) to accelerate your healing and to optimize your health. First-time consultation is free. Live Well Holistic Health is located at16 East Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore.


When you’ve fallen off your mat because you’re not inspired by your Yoga practice anymore, try Ashtanga classes at Roots Philly Yoga.

Maybe it’s time to look beyond the 4 corners of your yoga mat. Check out Roots Philly Yoga for a total body workout that will bring your body, mind and even your spirit back to balance. Roots’ signature Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga style is accessible for beginners, and challenging for the advanced practitioner all at the same time. RPY offers a variety of class times and is reasonably priced. Your purse strings and your hamstrings will thank you! New Student special: 3 classes for $25 or $99 for 2 months unlimited yoga when you become an annual member. Roots Philly Yoga is located at 925 Spring Garden Street.


BLOW DRYING TIPS FROM juju’s Senior Stylist, Claire Day

You must see how Claire’s clients exit the salon after an hour or two in her chair.  Here’s how she does it:

Product Choose a product that reduces frizz, adds volume and makes the hair cuticle shiny and smooth. Neuma Smoothing Cream or Innersense’s iCreate Volume are perfect for either smoothing and promoting curl or creating extra lift and body.

Timing Rough dry until 75 percent dry before you start using your round or paddle brush.  Styling with a brush when the hair is too wet is not only ineffective, it could break the hair!

Tools Invest in a good brush from brands like Spornette and Mason Pearson. Round brush size is key when blow drying hair! The bigger the brush the straighter the hair will be. Keep in mind if your hair is short you should stick with smaller brushes. Bigger round brushes are for longer hair. A medium sized brush will give a nice bend on your ends and a little lift at the root. If you have long hair and use a small round brush you are likely to get it stuck in you hair or tangled easily! Make sure to keep you sections nice and neat to avoid knots and tangles.

Technique  Section your hair when it is at the 75% dry stage. Get yourself nice, sturdy, (and don’t forget cute) clips that will hold all your hair as you divide it into sections to avoid frizz and frustration. Make sure to keep you sections nice and neat to avoid knots and tangles.

Here’s how to section and clip.  First section: bottom of ear to to top of ear. Second section: top of ear to eye level. Third section: temple to temple. And last section is crown of the head to the temple section you just clipped (like a Mohawk). Blow dry last section all back for lift and volume with out a part. If you hair is really long bring the section and brush toward you. Each section can be split into two depending on head shape and amount of hair. Front should be blow dried forward and in the opposite direction of your part for extra lift! Remember to take your time and practice makes perfect!

Clairejujusalon-3Insider Tip Make sure you have a concentrator nozzle attached to your blow dryer.  Hold dryer face downward on the round brush to avoid frizz. Lift brush at the root and point downward for mid shaft and ends. After section is dry on the brush hold it there for 20 seconds to allow the hair to cool on the brush.  Gently pull the brush from the cooled hair to give it a little extra body and finish. Remember to invest in a quality blow dryer.  It’s worth spending the money.  Professional blow dryers lasts forever, dry the hair quicker and reduce frizz.

Finishing Use a medium hold finishing spray like Innersense’s Natural Hold and your done! Voila, the perfect Blow-out!


I always feel like Fall is the start of the New Year because big changes occur: hot to cold weather, our color palette goes from light and bright to warm and cozy, sandals move to the back of the closet, you get the idea.  The January New Year just doesn’t make sense to me because it lacks the sensory transition that is the hallmark of Fall.

My style and beauty regimes also do a 360 starting in September.  I am saying goodbye to pastel nail polishes, suntans and beachy hair styles.  It’s time for the richness of the season!

NAILS Zoya’s Fall Collection is all about deep pigments and color saturation that make a dramatic statement. Sage, slate gray and purple and turmeric are the hot colors for Fall/Winter.  Look like you own this new trend when you pull your hands from your gloves this season. Zoya is the only polish we stock at juju: 5-free, non-toxic, low fumes and great colors.

HAIR Fall/Winter 2015’s “it” color is Turmeric. Turmeric’s autumn tones for hair color are great because you can turn up the tone or blend in its hues to your hair depending on the look you’re going for.

Turmeric hair color could be a golden, copper, chestnut or henna’d tone.  Try an all over color or a turmeric tinged balyage.

Laurie, on the left, has a coppery base with golden hi-lites.  Voila! On trend and beautiful.

BODY Here’s what Fall and Winter try to do to undermine your skin: Dry indoor heating, cold windy weather and dark dreary days equals scaly, dry and lack-luster.  100% Pure’s Body Butters to the rescue.  Start using them now so you never miss a beat when the cold weather hits.   I love 100% Pure’s rich and creamy Eucalyptus Body Butter: warming, moisturizing and healing.


I cannot tell you how many At-Home Color Mistakes we fix and tweak at the salon.  Though there’s a few that can get it right at home, most clients’ results are undermined by lack of knowing the in’s and out’s of color selection and application.

Here are 5 Common Mistakes When Coloring Your Hair At Home:

If anything on this list resonates with you, talk to us!  Everyone is cost conscious, we get it.  However, the average client who colors his or her hair professionally spends no more than $1.75 to $2.25 a day! That’s less than your morning take-out latte.  (Yes, I did the math!)

Having your hair professionally dyed assures that your hair and hair color will be beautiful, radiant and healthy!

1. Thinking that  ‘semi-permanent’ hair dye is ‘non-permanent’. For the most part, all hair dyes are permanent. Even though the color may fade with this color and the gray may become translucent, the color itself continues to coat the shaft of the hair. This effects the outcome of the next color application because the residual color is literally still ‘on’ the hair.

2. Dying all of the hair with every application. Many women think that in
addition to dying their gray roots, they need to ‘pull’ the color through
to the hair’s ends. Over time, the hair gets darker and darker with each
layer of application making the overall effect uneven: light and bright at
the roots and dark and ‘fake’ looking from mid-shaft to ends.

3. Selecting the wrong tone. So many of the advertised tones in boxed dyes
are extreme. Women select ‘gold’ and end up with orange casts; ‘ash’ makes
the color too dark; ‘neutral’ just doesn’t exist. Professional colorists
know that the desired end-result tone is usually a combination of tones and
colors. To achieve this at home, one would have to buy a few boxes and
know just how to mix correctly.

4. Missing spots. Applying color to your own hair with a bottle
practically guarantees uneven coverage. This usually occurs at the crown
an below the occipital bone. This is most noticeable on women who are trying to go lighter
in shade and/or blonde.

5. Choosing boxed color that contains ammonia or worse. The ingredients in over-the-counter are questionable and harsh, and leave the hair in a compromised condition. Most contain ammonia, resorcinol, PPD’s and produce noxious fumes.  Salons like ours only offer color services with dyes that contain none of these toxic ingredients.  Have you visited our fume-free salon? 

Really think about it before you buy the box.  It’s a mess, it’s a hassle and most likely, it won’t make you look your best!