A ‘Blue Zone’ is geographic area where people live longer and healthier lives.  Centenarians are the hallmark of these Blue Zones: Sardinia (Italy), Okanawa (Japan) and Nicoya (Costa Rica). Why? How? and What?

Here are 4 traits that these longevity hotspots share:

o-lentils-and-legumes-facebook1. Eating Legumes.  Yum!  Beans are a dense and delicious protein that can be easily added to salad, soups & grains.
2.  Constant moderate activity.  While hitting the gym or the mat is crucial for healthy minds and bodies, so is walking, less sitting while working and opting for stairs over elevators.  It’s summer, get out there and keep moving. Rescue a dog and voila, you now have extra walks in your day!

3. Family.  Dwellers of the Blue Zones put family in front of other concerns.  How can you make a change in your daily life to reach out, re-connect or deepen a relationship with a family member?

4. A Semi-Vegetarian diet.  As Michal Pollan prescribes, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” If you eat meat, look for grass-fed, USDA organic, wild-caught and pastured.

and, here’s my No. 5 for those of us that live in an industrialized world of cheap, chemically derived, toxic personal care products: read your labels, avoid parabens, pthalates, PEGs, SLSs.  Educate yourself in buying green and clean by visiting The Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database

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27741_435815352904_4718206_nYou think you’re ok: you apply a a facial moisturizer with SPF, put on your make-up and go!  No brainer, you’re covered right?

Guess what?


For proper skin protection, you need to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours!  How’s that going to happen when you’re wearing a full face of make-up?

Here’s How in 3 Steps:

Start with a tinted moisturizer with SPF protection, like 100% Pure’s Fruit Pigmented Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30;

Finish with a loose or pressed powder with SPF like bareMinerals’ Mineral Veil Finishing Powder Broad Spectrum SPF 25.  This powder can be re-applied repeatedly throughout the day to not only protect against sun damage but also to correct shine and ensure an enduring polished look.,en_US,pd.html

Finally, carry with you an SPF Facial Spritzer that can be used throughout the day.  Supergoop’s Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 should be used right after make-up application and can be reapplied throughout the day. Don’t worry, it won’t mess with your work of facial art!


dtmRcb6GK6r41BmZZHnOcuELess0TfrbkWgAo6tNefkIt’s spring, soon to be summer, and that means we’re outdoors again with fresh air and sunshine!  Though we should be wearing sunscreen all year long (ahem), many of us only think about it when the sun is out and the weather is warm.

Before you slather and go, consider this: many members of the medical community believe that  ingredients found in conventional sunscreens are causing hormonal disruption, thyroid alteration, endometiosis in women and may in fact contribute to cancerous tumor growth.*  There is an active debate among researchers as to whether or not these ingredients, specifically Oxybenzone and Octinoxat, are highly toxic or innocuous.  Why wait for the results?  There over 100 effective sunscreens out there that do not contain these ingredients.

And remember, your skin is your largest organ and capable of absorbing a percentage of what we put on it.  Follow these tips and you’ll be able to make the healthy choice when it comes to skin protection:

DO choose a natural, mineral based sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide because they provide strong sun protection with few health concerns.

DO use a sunscreen that gives both UVB and UVA protection. Did you know that the term SPF only refers to protection from UVB rays, the rays that cause sunburns? Make sure your sunscreen also protects you from the harmful UVA rays that penetrate deep into our skin causing all sorts of mischief!

DO apply sunscreen liberally and repeatedly during sun exposure to achieve the product’s SPF rating.

DO add tinted UV-protective film to your car’s side and rear windows since UVA penetrates glass.

DON’T buy or use any sunscreen containing Oxybenzone, Octinoxate or artificial fragrances.  Stay clear of retinyl palmitate too, a form of Vitamin A, which may speed up the growth of skin tumors and lesions, according to FDA studies.

DON’T rely solely on sunscreen.  DO wear a hat, UV blocking sunglasses and a ‘Rashguard.’ Sun Protection clothes provide greater total UVA/UVB sun protection than typical summer clothing or a typical 30 SPF sunscreen.

DON’T use sunscreen powders or wipes.  These delivery methods have been proven to be ineffective.

DON’T use a sunscreen with an SPF higher than 50.  Sky-high SPFs give a false sense of greater sun protection and can tempt you to stay in the sun too long.

My Picks for Best and Safest Sunscreens: All Terrain TerraSport SPF 30, Badger Sunscreen SPF 30, Kiss My Face Kids’ Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, Juice Beauty SPF 30 and Supergoop Everyday SPF 30.

* See The Environmental Working Group’s The Trouble with Sunscreens, 2014,



One of our favorite guests proves that feeling good and looking good go hand in hand:

“Born a brunette, I had gone all gray.  Coloring my hair for years was the norm, until I became dangerously allergic to hair dye. [Terri is allergic to the PPDs found in most professional and over the counter hair dyes.]  My head, feet and hands would swell up after my salon visits.  My dermatologist put me on steroids.  It was frightening.  No more hair dye for me, so I thought.

Then I found juju salon & organics and stylist/owner Julie Featherman.  I was confident that if there was a solution to my problem, she’d find it.  And she did!  She was able to find a non-toxic hair dye that did not cause a single reaction! I  look and feel better than ever before.

p.s.  She gives a great haircut too!”

Thank you Terri for sharing your happy experience at juju.


3 Best Practices For A Mid-Winter Detox

1. Get Organic Coconut Oil Buy, use, repeat. Best winter related uses include hair care and skin care – just slather it on liberally for instant, super-charged moisturizing;  boosted immune system – its lauric acid fights viruses and bacterias;  proper digestion and regulated metabolism – Holidays, VDay, Fat Tuesday, enough said. A teaspoon or two a day taken orally is an overall health booster.

2. Eat Maitake Mushrooms In short winter days, less sun exposure equals less vitamin D.  Though a vitamin D supplement helps, a tastier way to get your D is by eating some ‘hen of the woods’ or Maitake mushrooms.  1 cup of raw maitake mushrooms contains 786 international units of vitamin D, which is more than the daily intake recommendation for healthy adult men and women. Fyi, mushrooms are the only vegetable that contains Vitamin D. Bonus Points for sauteing in Coconut Oil!

3. Meditate Considering a Meditation Practice? Now’s the time to start.  The benefits of a regular meditation practice can include lessened anxiety, better sleep, mental clarity, more energy and yes, it can beat back those Winter Blues. Check out our First Spring Wellness Workshop on Mindfulness Meditation on March 2nd to learn more about starting or strengthening your personal Practice.  Space is limited, call 215-238-6080 to register.


You’ve heard about it, maybe you’ve even tried it:  Dry Shampoo.  Many of my clients give me a vague and noncomittal response when I ask them if they’ve tried dry shampoo yet.  Surprisingly, not many have.  What’s more, they don’t have a clear understanding of how versatile Dry Shampoo can be! This product has been trending for the past few years.  Here’s the lowdown:

shampooB1. Quick & Easy Hair Cleanser  No time for shampooing, drying and styling, but you really need to do something to your hair? Shake it on your roots and finger or brush it through your hair.  Neutralizes oily roots and leaves hair smelling fresh.

2. Too Much Shampooing Has Left Your Hair Dry, Frizzy and Jacked Up  Cut back on your wet shampooing to once or twice a week and use Dry Shampoo on off days. Taking a break is transformative.

3. Dry Shampoo Speaks Volumes  Get fullness in 5 seconds flat! I like to carry Sevi’s mini-sized dry shampoo with me so I can refresh my style on the go.   Not to worry, this stuff is light and won’t weigh down your hair.

4. Pets, Children & Other Stinky Creatures will love you for not tossing them in the bathtub! Enough said.

5. This One is the Best – Mask Your Grey Roots Between Color Touch-Ups  A sprinkle of Tinted Dry Shampoo at your part and hair line can fool the eye.  Try Sevi’s Coffee or Cocoa formula for best results.



imageI can’t tell you how many times a client enters our doors at juju and proclaims, “it smells sooooo good in here!” And she’s right: wafting through the air are overtones of ylang ylang, fresh lavender, lemongrass and, over the past holiday season, ginger, pine and cinnamon.  I’m lucky to work in such a smell-good joint, in fact, I take it for granted.  The scents from our pure, clean, organic hair products, soy candles and bath soaks never take backseat to nasty, noxious hair dye fumes.

The Scary Dangers of Ammonia.  Hair dressers and clients alike are still drinking the Kool Aid: hair dye must have stinky, over-powering ammonia in it or it won’t work.  I hear it all the time.  “It won’t cover the gray,” “it will wash out next week” and so on.  Let’s face facts, we want to look good and often that wish will take back seat to health concerns.  What harm could occur? What’s a little ammonia now and then?

Well, to a client, it’s just an hour or two of gasping, take-your-breath-away chemical air pollution.  But to us stylists and salon workers, it’s our everyday air.  It’s the beauty industry’s Love Canal.  And, Federal regulations have yet to address this issue in any meaningful way.  I predict future class actions from workers, manufacturers and yes, the millions of us who dye our hair.

The beauty industry continues to use ammonia in its products because it’s cheap and abundant.  Non-ammonia color lines, like Mastey, Organic Color Systems, and Chi Ionic used at juju, contain more expensive natural oils and extracts of aloe vera, comfrey, orange and grapefruit instead of ammonia to do the job. It’s money over health concerns, it’s as simple as that.

According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Division of Toxicology in Atlanta, Georgia, ammonia is listed as a hazardous substance which has related negative health effects. Ammonia is irritating to the skin, eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. Nearly all professional salon and “box” hair color contain ammonia. Exposure to high concentrations of ammonia in the air may cause severe burns in your skin, eyes, throat, and lungs. In extreme cases, blindness, lung damage, or death could occur. Breathing lower concentrations will cause coughing and nose and throat irritation.


I know that hair colored with non-ammonia dyes at juju are even more silky, soft, and vibrant than conventional colors.  We wouldn’t still be in business if our color services (sucked!) weren’t top notch.  We give you permission to be vain, demand great color, cover your gray, highlight that hair and be healthy and awesome at the same time!







noanimaltestingNovember 1st is World Vegan Day.  I celebrated by presenting a talk about Animal Testing and how difficult it is to avoid, in my opinion, this cruel and unnecessary practice.

Many people who are vegan or become vegan do so because they’ve made the connection between eating animals and factory farm cruelty, but often, we vegans forget about or overlook, or don’t want to know about things we do, things we wear and things we NEED that exist because of animal suffering of some sort.

Snuggling under that down blanket, a new pair of Jimmie Choo’s and yes, your new bottle of volumizing shampoo. Here’s where it gets tricky. In the beauty biz, the problem is animal testing.

Animal testing, and its relation to the cosmetics, personal products and household cleaning products is hardly “OBVIOUS’.

Everyone agrees – animal testing “BAD”  Cruelty free Companies and Products “GOOD”  but it isn’t that simple.  How hard could it be to stock my shelves at juju in a cruelty-free way? Let’s keep in mind that I have an organic and natural salon and that I need to supply products that actually deliver salon-worthy results!  Sticks, mud and a few herbs and plants are not enough!

My friend Sevi Kay, founder of Eco-Sevi body and Hair products, a vegan and animal activist, creates honest,  cruelty free products.  And she says about her products or any beauty and personal care products “we are aware that these very ingredients all have been tested by other companies — we cannot change the past, but hope that we can all unite to find alternatives to animal testing in the future.”

Can we call that an “Ethical Statute of Limitations?”
Because, really, we need a starting point, and something to stand on if we want to truly look at and work toward a future of total cruelty free living.

I am NOT an expert in Animal Testing and Experimenting.  I’m a hair stylist with a Philosophy degree, please keep this in mind.  There is so much information out there.  In researching for this presentation, I became overwhelmed with the amount of history, data, research, organizations, movements, theories, regulations, arguments, international edicts, rules and ethics out there that encompass this nebulous issue.  Again, as a non-expert, trying to put all of this together into a succinct, informative and moving presentation seemed impossible!  BUT… are some of some thoughts and findings as they pertain to me, the Vegan, the Animal Lover and the Sustainable Business Owner.

Many of the chemical concoctions tested for industrial, medicinal and pharmaceutical reasons, once approved, find themselves useful in personal care products, cleaning products and some such.  It’s the little, tiny, individual ingredients that are tested on animals, NOT the finished product.

These chemical concoctions, known as Intermediary Ingredients, are developed continually, because Industry demands newer, more efficient and cheaper chemical “things” to use in their products.  So these things are concocted, tested and let out on the Market.

Wondering if your mascara was tested on animals? Who the hell knows for sure, probably!

For example.  I’m L’Oreal and some company comes to me and says we have this new binding chemical substance…and it can do all these things that no other thing can do: it can bind, waterproof, congeal, stabilize etc.   This new product has probably been developed for the Paints and Pigments Departments at Dow chemical, but….I could use it for our mascara lines and save $$$!

So, it’s on the INGREDIENT LEVEL that the testing occurs.  An estimated 100,000 chemicals are marketed globally, with hundreds more new chemicals being introduced each year. Most are plastics and related polymers, while a smaller proportion include cleansers, paints, adhesives, lubricants, industrial solvents and a variety of short-lived by-products or “intermediates.” while others may be marketed in high volumes and/or used as ingredients in products to which human beings and the environment may be exposed – like cosmetics and household cleaning products, plastic packaging, and gasoline. Recently implemented laws in Europe, China and elsewhere are requiring companies to produce large quantities of test data, which could mean suffering and death for tens of millions of animals.

Big name cosmetic conglomerates like Estee Lauder, Revlon, L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble are trying to convince us that their mission is “committed to the elimination of animal testing,” BUT in able to sell to one of the biggest consumer markets in the world, China, they are required by the Chinese government to be tested – on animals – in China – before being sold in that huge country.  Domestic Chinese countries are exempt from this ‘law’ but, let’s face facts, are any of the big companies incorporated in China!!

of hidden Parent Companies.  Often, smaller companies and manufacturers that insist that they are cruelty free and have received Leaping Bunny verification, can be owned by larger Corporations that do not support the Leaping Bunny, i.e. Urban Decay Cosmetics who are owned by L’Oreal and Burt’s Bees, acquired recently by Clorox. To maintain their Leaping Bunny status, these companies must operate as ‘independent subsidiaries.’ We consumers know the connection and have to make the decision whether or not to spend out dollars here.

In the end, remember this: The FDA does not regulate product labeling for cosmetic and personal care products in the US.  A company can literally put just about anything on its label.  “Vegan Friendly” and “Cruelty-free” may or may not be the whole store.  To be sure, look for CCIC’s Leaping Bunny and a PETA rated: V, CF (Companies that don’t test).

Delve deeper, Google your favorite brands or even call the company!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve typed “Is such and such a product Cruelty-free?” in my search bar.

Empower yourself with awareness and a little effort in order to buy cruelty free.  Spread the word!


strength-training-exercisesWe invite you to read juju’s new weekly post, brought to you by Sandra who is…Hurricane Strength Training!  Women and Weight Training.  If you’re looking to tone your body, accentuate healthy curves, and rid yourself of some troublesome areas of fat, a fitness regimen that incorporates resistance training is key. Many women have the misconception that running on a treadmill or pedaling away on a recumbent bike is the way to lose weight. On the contrary, a regimen that combines slow-paced cardio with resistance training (i.e. free weights, machines, body weight exercises, and resistance bands) will bring you to your fitness goals much more quickly and effectively.

Weight training burns more fat than cardio exercise because of the way it requires the body to consume more oxygen, even hours and days after a workout. This leads to a high number of calories being burned. Gaining lean muscle mass will raise your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories at rest. If you are unfamiliar with how to approach a resistance training workout, feel free to contact me (215) 275-1066 for a complimentary training session, and I will get you started!


13076804_10154187499043566_8109828010719498757_nFind Your Fall Energy!

There’s a change of season happening, bringing all sorts of new energy – think crisp, sunny, Saturdays at the park or hiking in the woods.

Being outside in this beautiful Fall weather is the Best! I almost can’t wait for the weekend and spend my weekdays tossing ideas around with my family and friends for what would be the best thing to do or where to do it: Hay Maze this weekend!  It’s these new activities, Fall activities, that always drag me out of my Summer rut and magically re-energizes me both physically and mentally.



aloe hair treatmentI love the sun! I’m poolside as much as possible.  Heaven…except for my hair.  Sure, I love that the sunshine brightens up my highlights, but the brighter they get, the drier they become.

Here’s two moisture replenishing products proven to repair and rehydrate. And, an at-home recipe for an easy DIY fix:

Feed Your Sunshine by Yarok.  This is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ sun protection and restorative hair treatment.  Key ingredients Organic Aloe Vera and Black Currant Seed Oil
protect your hair from pool chemicals and the scorching sun.  Apply to your hair before heading out to safeguard your locks.  Reach for it at home for an hour or two masking.

John Master’s Defrizzer  I love this product.  I actually use this as a styling product to smooth down a roughed up cuticle and tame frizz.  While it’s on your hair, it’s actually working as a leave-in treatment.  Double duty awesomeness!  Key ingredients: certified organic jojoba and olive oil.

DIY Aloe Mask  You can find organic Aloe Vera gel these days at Whole Foods and most health food stores.  Mix 1/4 cup Aloe Vera Gel with 1/4 cup coconut oil.  Add a few drops of Rosemary essential oil.  Whisk and apply to hair for a pre or post sun for extra protection and conditioning.

Don’t let your fun in the sun put a kink in your hair.  Profiter du soleil!


IMG_4006I. Love. Summer, 2014. The pool, beaches and sunshine are what I live for during those long winter months.  When I’m out this summer, I’m bringing along these sunny finds:

  • Mar Y Sol ‘Caracas’ Tote.  Let’s face facts, this makes you look like a Venezualan Hottie!
  • Comfy, stylish Sanuk Sandles, from their recycled Yoga Mat Collection
  • Beauty Without Cruelty’s Waterproof Mascara. Great for pool time, wave riding and tear-jerkers like The Fault in Our Stars!
  • Supergoop’s Natural Mist Sunscreen SPF 50, and
  • BPA Free Nau’s water bottle.  Fill with ice and keep cool all afternoon.  Enjoy!




Hand Made in Philly!
Hand Made in Philly!

Yes, right here in my row home in the heart of Philadelphia, I have the sweetest backyard garden.  Not too big, not too small, just green and lush, with flora and fauna changing with every season.

My hardy Boxwoods and Evergreens are making way for the Tulips and budding Japanese Wisteria.  The bulbs and bushes are always there, but never dominate.  They are nonetheless, an irreplaceable part of mon jardin beau!

juju is my work garden so to speak.  It dawned on me that the products I stock for the salon and the way I procure them reminds me a lot of my sweet home garden.  Oh, and both gardens smell terrific!

This spring, I’ve ‘planted’ some Locally Made in Philly Products from 2 great companies in my work garden: Stinky Girl Beauty Co. and gracefullyNoted.   In common: these small businesses make beautiful home-made goodies.  Yes, hand crafted, natural deodorants and hand-cut greeting cards need to live side by side!

Locally made, means I get to know the artists and artisans who make their goods.  Meghan H.  designs, cuts, and assembles her stationery, prints and other paper products in Olde City.  She is as sweet as her designs that spread love and joy.

Carly D., from Stinky Girl discovered that she could make a deodorant that was safe, natural and the clincher……actually works!  Yes, it does.  period.  Oh, and her Sauerkraut rocks too!  West Philly, be proud of this little gem of a company.

Come see my work garden, and pick some locally made ‘flowers.’ There’s so many good reasons to support our local artists, businesses and garden!

Hand Made in Philly!


a petite moss garden display at juju
a petite moss garden display at juju

From terrariums big and small to whole suburban backyards, moss is a beautiful trend to watch.

This primitive plant is hearty and needs minimal watering.  Sure, bulbs say spring. When daffodils and tulips push their way out of a recent snowy patch, we know that summer is right around the corner.

But moss, with its gorgeous green hues, perfectly captures my desperate desire to turn grey winter days to blooming sunny stretches of time.

Here is a small moss garden I made for a corner display area in juju.  My favorite Starflower Essentials organic and wild-crafted face cleanser and lotions look beautiful in this quiet, green spot.

Why not try your hand in creating a soft, mossy oasis for your home?


my Sunday kitchen stretch
Sunday stretch selfies

Finding time for a good stretch seems impossible when you’re over-stretched. The benefits of daily stretching exercises are not only proven, they’re a given.  Michael Jordan credits  stretching, as part of his overall fitness routine,  for promoting his long and successful NBA career.

Though I know I need a daily stretching routine, I often back-burner this activity in the pursuit of more pressing concerns: cleaning the kitchen, sorting through laundry, answering email, etc.  There’s only so much time, right?

Presently, I’m in the throws of a plantar fasciitis flare-up coupled with an inflammed piriformis.  All the result of my regular workouts and LACK of stretching.  Surely, a few stretches after my exercise class should suffice?  As I literally hobble out of the studio, I can’t deny that things are out of control.

Stretches, my PT insists, are my only hope.  Three PT sessions and a half a dozen carefully chosen stretches were my Rx.  Stretching, when done at home, on a regular basis, will be the only thing to heal me short of surgery.

I am challenging myself to stretch two times a day, every day, for the next week.  I will hold each stretch for 20 seconds, no more no less, as per the sage advice of my PT.   Of course, you’re all committed to some stretching routine already that honors each ligament and muscle.  But if you’re not, you’re probably like me and think that …

Creating this habit, seems like a stretch…..


I have a brain ‘hiccup’ every time I’m asked when I opened  juju salon & organics.  2005.  What?  How is it possible?

I remember preparing the space for its opening, with my youngest daughter toddling around in diapers and getting into every last dangerous-looking pile of unpacked supplies. She’s now 10, but just as mischievous and adorable as she was then.  And juju is almost 9.

In all of the tim20120213_juju_0276e that has passed, my goals and juju’s Mission remains exactly the same: non-toxic beauty is attainable.  juju’s growing up.  And like my daughter Frances, with her never-changing cuteness and wily-will, I hope it never loses the ethos, goals, warmth & style that it was born with.


I’m going straight to the point. What I think of Zoya nail polishes is that they’re SUPER AWESOME. I’m not just saying that because I’m juju’s web fairy and it’s my job to tell you that we got new (ahhh-mazing!) shades in the salon. I’m saying this because these two Zoyas I own are my all-time favorite nail polishes. They stay on well and for long, and look beautiful. The best thing is that they’re non-toxic – no formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate or camphor. This doesn’t make much of a difference to my boyfriend though – he still tells me to go to another room when I put the polish on because of the ‘stink’. These polishes do have a chemical fragrance as all polishes do, but it’s less than with conventional polishes. Also, it’s just comforting to know that none of the worst poisons you could put on and in your body, are totally absent from this brand’s products.


zoya polishes


As I write this, I’m looking at these two happy polishes sitting on my desk. The bright red is called Sooki and is my favorite – it’s classic, has a nice seductive air about it, and it makes me feel like Marilyn Monroe inside. It spreads easily and evenly, and the finish is clear and crisp.

The lime green polish is called Mitzi and I got it because I wanted something shocking. The tone was yellower than I expected, so the shock-value wasn’t fully realized, but it works well for those days when I want a retro mod type look, or to feel fashionable and edgy, or I just want a break from other colors and use something totally different on my nails. The finish is matte which is exciting.

We don’t have Zoya polishes in our online store, but you can find them at our salon – go take a peak, and book a service from our menu by calling 215-238-6080. We offer nail services on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and every other Sunday. Mention this special and you’ll get a free Zoya nail polish with any service in October!


Bhakti - juju web fairyABOUT THE AUTHOR

Written by juju computer fairy Bhakti (of Lotus Root Studio) who’s in charge of our website, newsletters, postcards and such. She lives in Las Vegas and in her free time she does yoga, hikes in the mountains of Red Rock Canyon, and obsesses over vintage clothing, vegan food, organic lifestyle, and meditation.


We love Yarok here at juju. Their hair products are 100% vegan and made with certified organic, wild-harvested and responsibly harvested ingredients. And the scents in their shampoos, serums, oils and creams is heavenly! Yarok’s slogan is ‘Good for your head. Good for the Earth.’ and they donate 3% of their profits to a non-profit that protects the Amazon rainforest. In case you need any more reasons to love Yarok and try their products, here’s a detailed description of just one step in the crafting of their hair care deliciousness. Basically, they use pure filtered water that’s gone through a six step process using rare volcanic minerals:

Step One: Volcanic Sand: Precisely removes suspended solids, parasites, and bacteria such as E.coli. The Volcanic Sand absorbs trace heavy metals and merges with a carbon media to remove toxins like MTBE, pesticides, and PCB’s.

Step Two: Activated Coconut & Catalytic Carbon: These reduce 99% of chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, chloramines, THMs, pesticides, foreign odors and tastes. Also removes MTBE, organic toxins, dirt, rust, sediment and bacteria.


Step Three: Magnetic Stone & Ceramic Magnets: This magnetic field purifies the water’s structure and drops the surface tension of the water while boosting its solubility this makes greater hydrating water that infiltrates cellular membranes and enhances the movement of nutrients and transports waste out of the body.

Step Four: Tenko Mineral Media: This results in a natural ionization process that creates the highest quality hydrogen & antioxidants which neutralize free radicals.

Step Five: Bakuhan Mineral: This adjusts the water to a stable alkaline PH. It increases the oxygen and eliminates harmful matter. This results in producing mountain spring water.

Step Six: Taicho Mineral: This creates a unique bio-static property that works to repress micro-organism and reduces the growth of bacteria, fungus, and algae in the water. IT also aids in neutralizing any remaining pesticides and chlorinated organic by-products.


So the easy answer to how to hydrate your hair is – just use Yarok’s shampoo and conditioner, because when they list ‘water’ in the ingredients, it’s not just any water. It’s pure, amazing elixir that will hydrate your hair and help it become free from tangles, breakage, coarseness, frizziness, staticness, dryness… And give life, shine and sexiness to your tresses!



Sunshine is wonderful! It nourishes your skin and body, and brightens the mood like nothing else. Just as sunshine is therapy, it leaves your skin needing a bit of therapy afterwards too. Here are some yummy organic skin care products we recommend for your post sun healing! And below, read up on the 5 ways that vitamin D reduces your risk of getting cancer.

Starflower Essentials petalets

Calendula Face Mask

Woodsprite Get Whipped

MGA Rescue Creams

Suki-Delicate Hydrating Oil

You always hear how the “sun is bad for you”, and that you should avoid the peak hours and wear long sleeves outside. However, since we’ve been avoiding the sun over the last 30 years, the death rate from skin cancer has risen 400%. The sun actually triggers your body’s ability to make Vitamin D which has been proven to prevent cancer. Here are five ways, listed on Solar Facts and Advice, how Vitamin D helps your body reduce the risk of getting cancer.

1. Converts tumor cells into normal cells. Cancer cells divide rapidly in your body but don’t differentiate themselves into specific cells. Vitamin D helps this process, restoring the cancer cells to productive cells and inhibiting cancer growth.

2. Prevents cancer cells from multiplying. Cancer cells can’t reproduce and spread to new tissue when introduced to Vitamin D. Laboratory studies show that Vitamin D prevents cancer cells from multiplying and also tells them when to die.

3. Keeps cancer from spreading. Vitamin D promotes normal cell growth. As a result, it helps prevent cancer cells from spreading.

4. Suppresses genes responsible for cell proliferation. Research shows that Vitamin D can suppress genes prone to mutation and likely to form cancerous growths.

5. Inhibits formation of new blood vessels that feed tumors. During the creation of new blood vessels, new vessels begin to branch off existing vessels. This is bad news if they’re cancerous. For any tumor to have a chance to grow, there must be formation of new blood vessels to feed it. Vitamin D inhibits formation of these vessels naturally, starving the tumor of the nutrients it needs to grow.


So don’t be afraid of the sunshine – enjoy it, wear safe sun protection that doesn’t have any harmful chemical ingredients, and take care of your skin after basking in the rays!