Philadelphia Magazine: 11 Philly Beauty Salons That Use Organic, Non-Toxic Products

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Philadelphia Magazine: 11 Philly Beauty Salons That Use Organic, Non-Toxic Products

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Take care of your hair, nails, and skin in safe ways at Philly’s clean salons.


Treating yourself to a day at the salon is one of life’s small pleasures. Whether it’s the experience of having someone else wash and style your hair, getting those nasty shoulder knots out during a much-needed massage, or unclogging pores with a hydrating face mask, beauty salons leave us feeling like pampered royalty.

Or so we think. Many of our beloved salons actually use products that contain harsh, toxic chemicals, which can seep into our pores and bloodstream when applied directly to our skin, nails, and scalp. Talk about SCARY.

Fortunately, quite a few local beauty salons have gone organic, making our manis, facials, and shampoos safe and sustainable for both customers and the environment. Join the clean and green movement by checking out these 11 Philly organic beauty salons.

Juju Salon and Organics

713 South 4th Street, Queen Village

Around since 2005, Juju Salon and Organics is a full-service salon, pampering your hair, nails, and skin. Whether you’re getting balayage, a gel manicure, or a brow wax, you can expect to be treated with non-toxic, fume-free, and biodegradable products, including Philly-made PiperWai. Beyond its products, Juju promotes and facilitate a healthier, greener planet by stocking the salon with repurposed or second-hand furniture, offering filtered — not bottled — water, operating 100 percent off wind power, and brightening the salon with compact fluorescent bulbs (which use 50 to 80 percent less energy than incandescent ones).

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