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Sunshine is wonderful! It nourishes your skin and body, and brightens the mood like nothing else. Just as sunshine is therapy, it leaves your skin needing a bit of therapy afterwards too. Here are some yummy organic skin care products we recommend for your post sun healing! And below, read up on the 5 ways that vitamin D reduces your risk of getting cancer.

Starflower Essentials petalets

Calendula Face Mask

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MGA Rescue Creams

Suki-Delicate Hydrating Oil

You always hear how the “sun is bad for you”, and that you should avoid the peak hours and wear long sleeves outside. However, since we’ve been avoiding the sun over the last 30 years, the death rate from skin cancer has risen 400%. The sun actually triggers your body’s ability to make Vitamin D which has been proven to prevent cancer. Here are five ways, listed on Solar Facts and Advice, how Vitamin D helps your body reduce the risk of getting cancer.

1. Converts tumor cells into normal cells. Cancer cells divide rapidly in your body but don’t differentiate themselves into specific cells. Vitamin D helps this process, restoring the cancer cells to productive cells and inhibiting cancer growth.

2. Prevents cancer cells from multiplying. Cancer cells can’t reproduce and spread to new tissue when introduced to Vitamin D. Laboratory studies show that Vitamin D prevents cancer cells from multiplying and also tells them when to die.

3. Keeps cancer from spreading. Vitamin D promotes normal cell growth. As a result, it helps prevent cancer cells from spreading.

4. Suppresses genes responsible for cell proliferation. Research shows that Vitamin D can suppress genes prone to mutation and likely to form cancerous growths.

5. Inhibits formation of new blood vessels that feed tumors. During the creation of new blood vessels, new vessels begin to branch off existing vessels. This is bad news if they’re cancerous. For any tumor to have a chance to grow, there must be formation of new blood vessels to feed it. Vitamin D inhibits formation of these vessels naturally, starving the tumor of the nutrients it needs to grow.


So don’t be afraid of the sunshine – enjoy it, wear safe sun protection that doesn’t have any harmful chemical ingredients, and take care of your skin after basking in the rays!

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