Re-Posting “Retooling your Beauty Accessories”

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Re-Posting “Retooling your Beauty Accessories”

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This is important because it makes one a well-rounded and sound eco-fashionista! I’m reprinting some easy to follow tips for making your make-over cruelty-free, eco-friendly and fun!

By Einav Keet, Natural Solutions magazine 

“If you think your beauty cabinet passes muster just because you’ve banished parabens, think again. “A health-minded consumer’s responsibility does not end with the purchase of healthy and eco-friendly bodycare products,” says Julie Ebner, founder of Philadelphia’s Juju Spa and Organics. “We must also spend our money wisely on the related accessories.”

Washcloth. Skip the standard washcloth (which can harbor millions of microbes), and try one made of sustainable ayate from agave plants. “The fibers are renowned for their natural antibacterial properties, and these multipurpose cloths can be used wet or dry,” says Ebner. Exfoliate and boost your circulation when you use your ayate washcloth dry, or lather up with it in the shower. Best of all, these cloths resist mildew and can last up to a year.

Makeup brushes. If you wouldn’t wear a fur coat, you should definitely forgo animal-hair brushes, made from squirrel, mink, sable, horse, and goat hair that’s been inhumanely sourced. “Consumers should demand cruelty-free makeup tools,” says Ebner. Apply your makeup with brushes made from vegan fibers such as nylon. “Not only are these brushes humane, they are non-porous and smooth, providing a more sanitary application.””

There was some flack about me recommending “plastic” make-up brushes…let me clarify…try these goodies from EcoTools –  available everywhere.  The brushes are made with bamboo handles, the metallic binding on the brush (the ferrule) is made from recycled aluminum cans and the bristles are made with animal-free taklon. Try it!

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