Like others, I came across calendula late in life. In fact, my first born, Lucie, with her never-ending diaper rash on the cutest behind in the world, inadvertently turned me on to its healing powers. It is “one of the top five healers and skin tonics aiding everything from acne and rosacea to eczema and psoriasis. healing, soothing herb which repairs dry, damaged skin, prevents premature aging, aids in the treatment of bruises, spider veins, boils, sores, burns, wrinkles, swelling, and stretch marks to name a few. also imparts shades of gold and yellow naturally.” As I lathered her behind, with Weleda’s Calendula Baby Cream , I began to notice how great my cracked and aging hands started to look. As Lucie was a winter baby, my mitts were cracked and sore!

Calendula, etymologically speaking (Latin), “by the month” referring to the flowers’ long lasting blooms. Calendula, related to the pot marigold, is an herbaceous plant with yellow-rayed flowers. Look to calendula to help heal your skin! You won’t have to look far. Of course, the calendula should be sourced from an organic, biodynamic and holistic source. Try Suki’s Complexion Brightening Creme which lightens, brightens and really heals all types of stressed, discolored or sun-damaged skin. And for healthy, gorgeous hair, I recommend Sevi Organics Sea Berry Shampoo and Condition, rich in calendula and babussu, olive and lavender oils. Best of all, the smell of this healing flower is beautiful, your skin, hair and nose will thank you!